A Thought Scramble

Paperback Please

The ebook officially launched this past Saturday. I had been hoping to have the paperback ready by then too, but this proved to be too ambitious a feat. Perhaps foolishly I underestimated the amount of time it takes to punt proofs back and forth with createspace, the print-on-demand distributor that I'm using, to end up with an acceptable final version. This made for a launch party bereft of any physical books to launch. Fortunately my friends were not deterred by this, and it was a good time all the same. And if you're one of those friends, thank you for coming out. 

Fortunately, the proof copies did arrive this week--better late than never, I guess--and although there were some things to correct, they came out in pretty good shape:


This was 

pretty crazy to actually hold. 

To be sure, there's a few corrections I have to make--which means the paperback won't be published probably for another week. But that aside, I have to say this printed way better than I expected, especially the cover. As you might have noticed, I went for a cover that's a bit different from a lot of titles out there, and certainly what's recommended. I needed something that captured the density of the world, and my artist Chris Puglise (check him out on Instagram) did a tremendous job. But I had heard many horror stories about cover art not printing well with createspace, that it would come out muddled or dark. That was not the case (at least with this proof), and while the color sort of 'sinks' into the matted cover, this gives it a very deep look that I couldn't be happier about.

I have to say, as someone who is a lover of ebooks, who reads most of his fiction on kindle, and who feels like the high standard my post-producer Mike and I achieved with the ebook would be hard to beat, the act of holding a physical copy of something I've spent an inordinate amount of my life writing was... pretty nice. I got a long way to go, both in getting the paperback wrapped up, and getting people to actually read either version of the story... but at least I have proof on my shelf that I'm not completely insane. That helps.