Holiday Ebook Discount! Upcoming Promotions and More

Merry Christmas all. Just a quick holiday update: From Christmas Day through January 7th, Icons One will be available for just 99 cents (!!!) on Amazon's Kindle Store, Kobo, and Smashwords. Furthermore, we will be running promotions for the Kindle version throughout the month of January--simply put, it's going to either be 99 cents or free the entire month for Kobo. So do go ahead and check that out!

Through a rather odd circumstance, I stumbled upon, which if you don't know is a wonderful Korean-based website for web comics and, more recently, novels. So enamored was I with their setup that I decided to go ahead and post the first chapter of Icons One there. Go check it out, leave some likes and subscribe--but check out the other talents there, because it's a pretty lively place. I was happy with it. 

Our first goodreads giveaway had over 900 requests, I was very happy about this. I'll be running another one next week. You can check out the goodreads page for Icons One here

Time to go polish off a bottle of gin and ponder the meaning of my existence. Again, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.