After a long, long wait, which no doubt many of you have been eagerly anticipating--or maybe you haven't, it's all good--the PAPERBACK VERSION of the Icons One has arrived! 

Note: crossaints are not paleo

Note: crossaints are not paleo

It takes a few days for Amazon to merge the paperback page with the kindle version, so for now here is the link to the paperback on, where it's on sale for $8.95. For my beloved UK friends, here is the link on, where it will cost you £6.79. Europe and elsewhere, I will announce where to purchase as the paperback is distributed worldwide. 

For those of you who have been waiting to buy a paperback copy, many thanks for your patience. The process was a bit more complicated than I anticipated--whether it be developing the full cover, formatting the book, checking for last minute glitches (thanks again Ilse)--and while it was tempting to rush, I knew it was prudent to get everything right so that I could get you the best version of the book possible. I feel we've accomplished that, and I'm proud to say that, finally, I can look at stare up at my own book on the shelf and say--well, I actually have to crane my neck over to look at it, which is annoying, and it's laying on its back atop other books so I can't see it, but you know... I can finally say the first one is here. 

Please remember if you like the book to leave a review on Amazon. It's really the best way for me to keep this going, and it means a lot to get the feedback. 

Thanks again to all who have supported me along the way, especially those of you who came to the launch party! It has been encouraging to know I have never been alone on this road. 

Now that the paperback is here, I will be dedicated to doing my best to get it to readers who might appreciate the story, as well as maintain a website here for anyone curious about the world, just what this crazy blob I've written is about, and what future installments might have to say. 

Stay tuned!